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‘My Hero’

Too weak I was to battle snake

when he invaded Eden’s wake.

My God, my Father, He sustained,

upheld my strength ’till help was gained.

My hero, strong and sure and lean,

with squared off chin and eyes deep green,

he entered Eden at God’s call.

He made me laugh and broke my fall.

Dear Father, I give thanks and pray

my Adam will in Eden stay.

Please bless eternally this love

You sent from holy throne above.

Erick nodded and took her hands in his. “I love your braids.”

“I wrote a poem explaining why I wear them:

I wear my hair in braids

so I can always see

how important our Lord is

to my husband and to me.

A braid is made of three strands.

As a child I tried two,

but it wouldn’t stay together.

It unraveled through and through.


So, as I weave my hair,

strand one over two over three,

I’m reminded that the presence

Of our God gives unity.


I thought he was a circle,

Or maybe he was a square.

He said he was a puzzle

With pieces scattered everywhere.

She prayed her own quiet prayers that God would bless her and her child and her marriage. Her prayers often took the form of short verses:

Sarah and Abraham were really old,

almost twice as old as I,

when God sent them a prayed-for son

to make them laugh, to make them sigh.

Now God has blessed us with a babe,

for which we hadn’t even prayed,

a gift to seal our new-born love,

to test commitments we have made.

Our God blessed Sarah and Abraham.

Their son grew strong; their love stayed true.

And God will bless us as we love

our God, our child, and Eden, too.

Husband, Dear Erick,

This work of wisdom

Reflects our joy

Conceived through

The words herein.

Volumes of love,



My Dear, Hilda, God made you my helpmate,

bone of my bone,

flesh of my flesh,

and to me you also became

heart of my heart,

mind of my mind.

As God admonishes, I will be

life of your life,

spirit of your spirit,

in all ways, in unity.

I love you as Christ loves His church

and gave Himself for her.

Erick, dear husband God gave to me,                                                                                                               I willingly submit myself to you.                                                                                                                               From fear your love has set me free.                                                                                                                     I pledge you respect and honor true.


“Erick, dear husband, I give you my love

from body, spirit, heart, and mind,

as we share faith in God and hope and love

by being patient, unselfish, and kind.


“Erick, dear husband, I am your wife.

I’ll stand beside you throughout all life.

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