FINDING FATHER by Alice Eby Hall is an excellent story for Christian readers who enjoy a strong faith element. The author is honest about the faith element right up front.

The author’s writing is smooth and moves the story along well with the right balance of good humor and sincerity. I personally love the fact that God is glorified. With FINDING FATHER, Alice Eby Hall has earned another star for her heavenly crown.

Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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  1. Ruth Garcia says:

    Hi Alece, can you bring this book with the Devore book call me at any time 909 239 9655

    • Alice says:

      Hello, Ruth,
      Thanks for your interest in the Devore book. It is out of print. I can send it to you in four PDFs via email, or you can buy a disk that contains the book. I do have copies of most of the Christian novels.
      Alice Hall

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