I have such as I need, but I do without and sometimes yearn for much that most modern people consider essential because:
1. I’ve learned to choose my battles, and the spiritual ones are more important to me than the physical.
2. I justify my self-denial because I believe it illustrates my love for Roger in exhibiting I Corinthians 13 definition that love does not seek its own way.
3. If I do demand my own way, the peace I so treasure is threatened.
4. My self-denial also complies with the admonition of the first commandment. Putting things above God is too easy to do, and I don’t want that temptation.
5. Nor do I want to tempt others to break the eighth and tenth commandments, so it seems wise to not own much that anyone else would want too badly. Sometimes I still yearn, but counting psychic blessings bestowed by God through our lifestyle heals covetousness.
6. We both enjoy being as self-sufficient as possible to avoid extra trips to town, if nothing else, and we like to work with nature for the benefit of all. The wasteful attitude of our country shocks and hurts us, so we throw very little away, especially in the winter when wood-stove fires are comforting.

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