Shortly after her prayer, the lion reappeared. Hilda thought she had a good bead on him, but when she turned on the flashlight and cocked the rifle, he turned toward her… and lunged. If her shot hadn’t been true, she would have been the next kill. His head landed close enough to spill blood on […]

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Philosophy in Eden Invaded          Hilda laughed. “Don’t sell yourself short. If you didn’t have plenty of intellectual capability, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. But as much as it seems we’re in sync, I have a problem with the basic triune self.” “How?” “Well,” Hilda mused. “My body is beginning to let me […]

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Erick and Hilda overthink their attraction to one another. Will they ever do what they yearn to do? At the door, as Erick prepared to leave, their eyes locked. They both experienced speechlessness. For a very long moment they seemed to sway toward one another. Erick’s hands went to Hilda’s waist, and her arms lifted […]

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