Author: Alice Eby Hall Genre:

Sybil, 16 and seeking a miracle, escapes a life of prostitution by marrying Johnny in haste. Is he a fate far worse or a knight in shining armor? An unconventional love story that tests heroes and heroines with temptation, treachery, suspicion, and betrayal and isn’t above giving them supernatural assistance in learning how to repent and forgive.

© 2013—247 pages

ISBN 0-932218-39-1
POD  – $14 inc. p/h

ISBN 0-932218-60-1
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  1. Rev. JOE says:

    Very good writing! I had a hard time putting it down. I LOVED the strong witness for Christ and the sound but unobtrusive theology in both The Way Home and Finding Father! Rev. JOE

  2. Pat Wolff says:

    The Way Home is another Alice Eby Hall page-turner. Alice doesn’t mince words, sugar coat or gloss over scenes depicting the seamy side of life. She tells it like it is. And that’s what makes her characters alive and real. At the same time, she leads them to find real answers to their problems through strong, Christian faith. This book is inspirational, with a surprise ending you aren’t expecting. A must read!
    –Pat Wolff

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