Author: Alice Eby Hall Genre:

Illustrated by Jamie Smith of Cook’s Rancho Nubians plus photos by author, who was an original Pygmy certifier and judge for AGS when Pygmy herd books began. Traces the beginnings of Pygmy registration through American Goat Society and the rupture with the breed club, National Pygmy Goat Association. Mentions early imports, how breed standards were set with the help of research done by Dr. Ralph Bogart and University of Oregon, certification procedures, and early herds.

The cover shows the author exhibiting her Champion Pygmy Hallcienda Carlotta at Los Angeles Co. Fair.

© 1992—138 pages 2nd edition 5.5 X 8.5—6000 printed and sold out.

Available online only.

ISBN 0–932218-49-0
PDF – $3.75

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