Author: Alice Eby Hall Genre:

Steadfast friendships develop between four diverse, independently thinking girls—Adele, Cheryl, Lily, and Sondra. They draw strength and non-judgmental empathy from one another in childhood activities and adult reunions as they share traumatic incidents they have endured.

Reunions is about how young minds think, develop and cope with life’s adversity, atrocities, and challenges from toddler to adult.

Because it deals with sexual  abuse of children, it is not for the faint of heart.

(c) 2014–315 pages

POD – $15 inc. p/h

PDF – $2.99

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  1. Pat Wolff, NLAPW author/artist says:

    Reunions is a page-turner sprinkled throughout with surprises you don’t expect. The story comes full circle answering reader questions about the characters’ reactions to child abuse.

    I think Reunions refreshingly suggests that love can occur through mental attraction first, and is not limited to sexual desire being the primary stimulant or inspiration.

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