Author: Alice Eby Hall Genre:

Updated Mrs. Robert Reinhardts’s 1947 edition on Nubian history in Great Britain and exports to USA. Illustrated by Dorothy Schott of Big Schott’s Saanens and with newer photos. Traces the origins of the Modern Nubian from the African Zaraibi and Indian Jumna Pari to England and from there the earliest imports to the United States. Gives history of early herds, production leaders, and champions to 1978.

© 1978 119 pages + bibliography.

Sold out—available online only. Old copies on ebay sell for up to $85.

ISBN 0-932218-48-2
PDF  – $3.75

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  1. Bill Abel III says:

    How do I download this book. I’m so happy to be able to get a copy of it since my original burned up when the house burned down.


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