Author: Alice Eby Hall Genre:

Katie, Warren’s widow, learns the hard way that one must learn to discern saints and sinners as she tries to cope alone. Cal, an abusive husband, destroys her. She wallows in the dark shadows of depression and despair until Pastor Jimmy redeems her. Will he be sorry? Will his involvement with one who has been so ill test his faith beyond endurance?

© 2014—202 pages

To be published in 2015 by TouchPoint Press

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  1. Linda Harris says:

    What a treasure you have in your newest book–an age old story of the conflict between good and evil, told in a new and interesting way. It is so sad how women can become devastated both emotionally and spiritually by someone who constantly criticizes and abuses them. But you have shown how the grace of God can work to bring them back to emotional and spiritual equilibrium.

  2. Pegge Hofman says:

    Good job, Alice! This is my all time favorite. The story moves right along and was hard to put down. This book will definitely sell!
    Pegge Hofman, author

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