Author: Alice Eby Hall Genre:

A tender love story laced with earthiness and terror. Takes the facts of Echoes of Eden—into the realm of fiction and adds a touch of romance with the twist of the other kind of cougar. Hilda is losing her livestock to cougars. Erick, the game warden, comes to her rescue but wonders who the cougar is. God has brought these two together for more than just saving her herd!

© 2012 —318 pages

ISBN 0-932218-38-5
POD  – $13 inc. p/h

ISBN 0-932218-59-8
PDF – $2.99

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  1. Linda Harris says:

    What a joy it was to read your book. It is certainly as good as any of the Christian fiction books I have bought from CBD. You truly are a gifted writer!

  2. Alice Hall says:

    Thank you, Linda, for all your good comments. They mean a lot coming from such an avid Christian romance reader as you are. God bless you! Alice

  3. Pat Wolff says:

    Eden Invaded is a really good book that exemplifies how the power of a strong Christian faith can help one overcome the tragedies of life, while at the same time provide a second chance for love. A delightful read. – Pat Wolff

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