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I have such as I need, but I do without and sometimes yearn for much that most modern people consider essential because: 1. I’ve learned to choose my battles, and the spiritual ones are more important to me than the physical. 2. I justify my self-denial because I believe it illustrates my love for Roger in exhibiting I Corinthians 13 definition that love does not seek its own way. 3. […]

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‘My Hero’ Too weak I was to battle snake when he invaded Eden’s wake. My God, my Father, He sustained, upheld my strength ’till help was gained. My hero, strong and sure and lean, with squared off chin and eyes deep green, he entered Eden at God’s call. He made me laugh and broke my fall. Dear Father, I give thanks and pray my Adam will in Eden stay. Please […]

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March 14, 2015–REVENGE released! Attendance light, but discussions were great. One lady, who saw the announcement in the newspaper, came to learn how others deal with a stalker. She was relieved that her feelings, prayers, and reactions were pretty standard. Many of her experiences mirrored what Moira goes through in REVENGE. Her parting statement, “God brought me here today to heal my soul. I feel blessed,” made my heart sing.

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Shortly after her prayer, the lion reappeared. Hilda thought she had a good bead on him, but when she turned on the flashlight and cocked the rifle, he turned toward her… and lunged. If her shot hadn’t been true, she would have been the next kill. His head landed close enough to spill blood on her boot. She quivered so hard she couldn’t move for several minutes. The rifle suddenly […]

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Philosophy in Eden Invaded          Hilda laughed. “Don’t sell yourself short. If you didn’t have plenty of intellectual capability, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. But as much as it seems we’re in sync, I have a problem with the basic triune self.” “How?” “Well,” Hilda mused. “My body is beginning to let me down, and that’s a disappointment to me. I pray it won’t be too disappointing to […]

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Erick and Hilda overthink their attraction to one another. Will they ever do what they yearn to do? At the door, as Erick prepared to leave, their eyes locked. They both experienced speechlessness. For a very long moment they seemed to sway toward one another. Erick’s hands went to Hilda’s waist, and her arms lifted to entwine around his neck. With a gasp, Hilda dropped her head and arms. “Erick,” […]

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Echoes of Eden is autobiographical. You can read several of its chapters in the Free Articles section. Enjoy your browsing, and if you want more of this book–illustrated with color photographs–you can always purchase it. Both paperback and PDF versions offer the same pictures.

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FINDING FATHER by Alice Eby Hall is an excellent story for Christian readers who enjoy a strong faith element. The author is honest about the faith element right up front. The author’s writing is smooth and moves the story along well with the right balance of good humor and sincerity. I personally love the fact that God is glorified. With FINDING FATHER, Alice Eby Hall has earned another star for […]

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PDF: HALLCIENDA Power Point File: Open Echoes of Eden. Click on Title  Page. Near bottom of info page, click on Hallcienda Power Point: Hallcienda Dual.  

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Four friends, Adele, Cheryl, Lily, and Sondra support one another, 1991-2014, from sixth grade into their thirties, through loss of love and innocence and into finding love and redemption. Three of the four were molested as children. How does that affect their entire lives? The longest of the fiction books.

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