2013author,books_editsAlice Eby, who wrote simple poems since fourth grade, learned to love lay-out when she served on the newspaper and yearbook staffs at Sturges Junior High School. She continued writing through college. She married Roger Lee Hall in 1961 when they were both teachers and moved to his farm where she added dairy goats to his existing menagerie. Their son, Stephen Divine Hall II, was born in 1979 and serves Chapman University as Assistant Registrar.

With God’s help, Alice made Hallcienda a famous name among dairy goats by breeding winners in the show ring and milk bucket—especially through the help of Hallcienda Frosty Marvin—one of the highest rated bucks genetically of any breed. She judged dairy goats from 1962 to 2008, and she still classifies locally for AGS.

Her 2009 Historic Herd Name plaque from ADGA states that “Hallcienda has made a significant genetic contribution to Nubian dairy goats throughout the United States, and her 2012 induction plaque into the Dairy Goat Pioneer Program states that it is, “In appreciation for a lifetime of keeping the “Dairy” in dairy goats as a dairy goat breeder, ADGA Judge, Director, Author, and Educator.”

Through the years, Alice continued to write and take writing classes. She resented being told that an author didn’t have anything worthwhile to say before the age of 35, but she’s willing to concede that age has helped her ideas solidify.

She published her first book of poetry in 1973 and followed that with a book on showing dairy goats in 1975. The publisher she worked with discontinued the series, so she self-published and loved it—especially since that first book sold over 5,000 copies. She has self-published three other dairy goat books and several poetry books since then, followed by a few area history books. She self-published them all except the one for Arcadia.

Alice Eby Hall started writing Christian fiction in 2012 and has published seven such books. She loves designing covers almost as much as she enjoys writing the story, and she relishes taking all the pieces and binding them into a finished book. Each physical book is hand-made. She has just begun marketing her fiction and is finding digital distribution exciting. Her premise is that no matter what problem a Christian faces–violence/guns, adultery, depression, loss of love, spousal abuse, sexual abuse, stalking–a close walk with Jesus Christ can bring healing and victory.

Professionally, teaching was Alice Hall’s game. She mostly taught middle school (junior high) science, social studies, English, and journalism, but she has experience in all grades, K-12 as well as teaching specialty classes on dairy goats at the junior college and university levels.

Her writing and publishing make her retirement years sensational.

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